KIT Estola Poniente – Saona

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The Poniente stole, knitted with this wonderful yarn that combines Andalusian cotton with local wools, captures the essence of the west wind and the beaches of Cádiz. This pattern, suitable for all skill levels, yields final measurements of 2m (2.20) cm in length and 34 (45) cm in width, using Saona – Wooldreamers.

Designer Version:
Poniente stole: 4 (5) skeins, color: Sarichef


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Saona - Estola Poniente - Color

Choose the color for your Poniente stole, 4 skeins for size 1 and 5 skeins for size 2.



Poniente is the wind that blows from the west, where the sun sets.

The Poniente stole is knitted with a yarn that combines Andalusian cotton along with local wools, a perfect blend to evoke the beautiful beaches of Cádiz in Poniente.

A project suitable for all levels, ideal if this is your first lace pattern.

Contains links to videos for the setup and closure.

Size: 1 (2)

Finished Measurements: Total length 2m – 2.20 cm / Width 34 (45) cm.

Yarn: Wooldreamers Saona quality 220m/50g approx. 50% Andalusian Cotton, 50% Local Wool

Color: Sarichef 4 (5) skeins.

Enjoy knitting this pattern.



By combining Andalusian cotton with our local flock’s native breeds, we craft an authentic yarn rich in history.

A soft, Fingering-weight quality that will add a special touch to all your projects, thanks to the beautiful colors that inspire imagination and creation.

Our trips to Saona,‘ as my father writes, are words brimming with significance and laden with family memories.

Saona is the name of the river where Grandfather Julián and his sons Teodoro and Ramón used to go with their mule-drawn cart filled with fleece wool. They spent days there washing the wool, preparing it for subsequent steps like drying, carding, spinning, and weaving blankets.

An homage to our preceding generations emerges in the form of a collection, featuring a yarn filled with nuances both in texture and tone.

The colors of this collection have been designed in collaboration with Hailey Smedley (@Ozetta). Her work, like our project, is rooted in family tradition, steeped in a love inherited from her grandmother, who taught her how to knit.