KIT Bag or Cowl – YAK / Merino La Huertona

From: 18,00 IVA inc.

The first and only Spanish yarn mixed with sustainable yak fibers and national merino, in this case from the flock La Huertona. The sport thickness is 150m/50gr with three strands and it will be available in 2 natural tones.

And if that were not enough, María from @missentretelas prepared for us a pattern with which you can knit your cowl or your knitting bag  ♥️ The Kit includes the pattern with which you can make both designs and 2 skeins of Yak/Merino La Huertona.

Designer Version:
Bag in Light Grey
Cowl in Dark Gray

YAK / Merino La Huertona – 18%/82% – 165m/50gr × 2

Choose the color of your bag or cowl

YAK / Merino La Huertona – 18%/82% – 165m/50gr × 2

*EXTRA* Do you want to do both? Also choose the colors:


Extremeño Himalaya #Sueña

To introduce this quality, we would like to introduce you to a project with which we collaborate jointly on several projects. His work is to be admired and with social values ​​that we believe are essential in our path.

We are talking about Teixidors – @teixidors, this Catalan firm is located in Terrasa, in the old Barcelona wool packaging, about which my father has told me so much. There, I met the whole team a year ago, especially Jaume, a lover of his work and natural fibers, especially wool.

This firm weaves using manual shuttle looms. Looms are handled by people with different abilities who have made this work their way of life. Through these manual looms, they give life to natural fibers that, once woven, become highly valued textile pieces worldwide.

There, Jaume, in addition to introducing me to his team, introduced me to a project with which they work closely. It is a cooperative located in Khangai (Mongolia) where they provide social and sustainability support. This cooperative carries out work to reintroduce the YAK in the traditional herds of the region. With this, they help to create and ensure a sustainable future for pastures and nomadic farmers who are rewarded with this precious fiber at fair prices to guarantee its long-term sustainability.