Scoured Wool – 100% Spanish Wool

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Scoured wool 100% Spanish, preserving its characteristic natural white color. A totally ecological fiber and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Silky and fluffy product with which you can carry out endless jobs, fillings, carding, felt insulation, yarn…

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Once the wool is shorn and selected, this wool is washed and opened in a completely biodegradable way, thus reducing the remains of vegetal material and the excess lanolin that raw wool originally had. You will obtain a silky and fluffy product with which you can carry out endless jobs, fillings, carding, felting insulation, yarn …

Our 100% autochthonous Spanish entrefine merino wool has been chosen from extensive and transhumant herds. From a Spanish cooperative with an animal welfare certificate. The wool of merino and entrefinas sheep from the Ciudadrealeñas and Extremeñas Dehesas has its history since traditions don’t change.

Each year into spring they are carefully shorn so they face the long journey of transhumance through gorges with centuries of history, towards northern Spain with cooler and richest areas in natural pastures where they will spend the warmer months of summer. Once the summer is over, the sheep will make the same trip to their origin place where they will spend the whole winter until the next spring.

Not forgetting that our wool is totally ecological in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In other words, no chemical additives or colorants are used throughout the obtaining process.


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100% Spanish Merino Entrefino Wool