Merino XXL Transhumant – Natural White Color

34,99194,00 IVA inc.

Combed wool 100% from Transhumant Merino Sheep, 23 microns, natural white color. Sheep that cross the Cañada Real Conquense on their round trips every year.

A wool with which you will not only carry out unique spinning, felting or artistic works, but you will also support maintaining and conserving the regeneration of biodiversity and the most unique, pure and traditional nomadic culture of grazing.



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Like carded wool, combed wool is one more product in the cycle from the fiber to the yarn. The process is the same. After being shorn, classified and washed; the clean wool goes to the card in which the fibers are cleaned and parallelized, a machine that has already left behind the old jobs of carders and combers.

My grandfather used to tell me that in his time, a wool carder or comber was an artisan profession. The wool carder was a worker in livestock areas with wool production, who proceeded to wash the fleeces with water to remove dirt and grease from the material and then untangle or weed them to make the wool ready for spinning and textile use. These workers, also called laborers for combing and carding wool, used traditional instruments such as cards and combs for this activity.

The only difference with carded wool is the final format, the combed wool is a long and fluffy wool wick. This product will allow you to spin wool in a traditional way creating soft yarns, as well as carry out endless projects of felt that will provide you all the benefits of wool.

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100% Spanish Merino Wool