Merino La Huertona – 100% – 225m/50gr

7,00 IVA inc.

La Huertona 🐑

It is their precious merino wool that we have used on different occasions to help other small projects get ahead with a 100% traceable product.

In this case, a natural gray color of its wool in the same thickness and twist as the silk version in 100% wool to be able to create incredible color combinations.



La Huertona 🐑

David and Alejandra from Ganadería La Huertona are faithful collaborators of the Wooldreamers project and a charming and hard-working couple.

In the north of Spain, in Cistierna (León), they live together with their flock of black and white Merino sheep. Alejandra, teacher by profession, doesn’t take long to lend David a hand when she finishes her teaching duties. David, a nature lover who left everything to herd his merino sheep.

This year was especially hard for them since the fire and the strong drought made them spend really hard days.

And this is the best way we have to thank them for their great effort and dedication to this ancestral job.

Additional information


Natural Color, Natural Color


+/- 50 gramos, +/- 50 gramos


225m/50g aprox, 225m/50g aprox


100% Spanish Merino Wool, 100% Spanish Merino Wool

Needle Size

3.25mm / US 3, 3.25mm / US 3, 3.5mm / US 4, 3.5mm / US 4


Dry Flat, Hand Wash, Max. 30 degrees, Hand Wash, Max. 30 degrees, Dry Flat


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