Hinrika Sweater por @Sofiaizaguirre.design






1 (2/3/4) (5)

Shown in size 2.
Instructions are written for the smallest size, with larger sizes given in parentheses, when only one number is given, it applies to all sizes.



Chest diameter: 90 (100/110/120) (130) cm
This sweater is designed to be worn with 5-7 cm of positive ease at the bust. Lenght: 55,50 (57,50/62/65) (69,50) cm



1 (1/2/2) (2) cheese(s) of white color of Manchelopi (230 m/100 g two strands)
1 (1/1/1) (1) cheese(s) of medium grey color of Manchelopi (230 m/100 g two strands) 1 (1/1/2) (2) cheese(s) of brown color of Manchelopi (230 m/100 g two strands)



5,00 mm, 13 cm (set of 5 double-pointed needles) and 80 cm circular needle.



16 pts x 24 vts. – 10 x 10 in stockinette stitch.



Blocking accessories.
Waste yarn to save stitches.



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Manchelopi is an unspun yarn that is made 100% with Manchega wool. Its natural light grey color and its twist-free slivers make this “cheese” a rare and high-quality material with which you will be able to create unique and inimitable clothing.

As for the thickness, due to its double sliver, it will depend on our control of the needles. If we want to knit it in two strands to make it easier for us, we would be facing a thickness of 230m / 100g (DK); on the other hand, if you are one of the highly skilled ones and you dare with a single strand, you will have double the meters: 460m / 100g (Fingering).