#CojínManchegoBluü by @Marta.bluu

The Manchego Bluü Cushion pattern is a downloadable ebook with all the information to crochet a beautiful cushion. This project honors the La Mancha sheep and the precious wool they give us. The material with which it is woven is Manchelopis, a wool with a natural and faded hue, perfect for this type of home accessory. Both for the fluffy and soft texture of the material and for the design and shape of the cushion, the #ManchegoBluü Cushion reminds us a lot of a little sheep! Knit it for your crochet corner.

With this pattern made Kit we helped the users of the “El Castellar” Occupational Center and the “El Castellar” Sports Club who currently help us to prepare the labeling and braiding of our skeins. All the profits obtained from the sale of these Kits went entirely to financing inclusive coexistence with sports and leisure activities in rural houses in Fuentelespino de Haro (Cuenca).

(Photo: Color 1 = Pink 2 Manchelopis / Color 2 = Light Gray 1 Manchelopi)


The “El Castellar” Occupational Center is a center in which people with different intellectual abilities live and work and who also belong to the “El Castellar” Sports Club. The Wooldreamers project and the Cobo family, which is the parent company of this project, have been collaborating with the Sports Club and the Center for years, but it was at the time of the pandemic when we most saw the need for a closer collaboration since the activities at the outdoors and in a group were very limited, being these a great emotional support for them. Wooldreamers together with the workers of the center with its director Elena Arribas at the head and the president of the Sports Club Juan Carlos Cobo, saw the possibility of developing tasks of finishing the skeins and labeling. It was then that they saw a nice and great benefit for them with the work with the wool.

That is why linking the main theme of the European Wool Day, wool as therapy and health, Wooldreamers together with Marta Bluü launched 100 solidarity kits in which the full benefits were destined to part of the financing of a special trip to them. Inclusive coexistence in which different sports and leisure activities carried out in rural houses in the town of Fuentelespino de Haro (Cuenca) considered a return to normality in the center that has been so missed since the beginning of the pandemic.