Our mentors have taught us not only about the rural world,
but also about the behavior of the fiber, the how, why, where, and in what manner.




Their skilled flock management, combined with the technical assistance and guidance provided by Wooldreamers, generates these benefits:

Stress-free flocks
Wool with + Resilience

Free from Marks and Intensive Confinemen
Wool with + Yield

Improvement in Pre and Post-Shearing Handling
Whiter + Cleaner Wool

Guidance Selection based on Fineness
Higher Quality Wool


At Wooldreamers, we undertake an extensive process of selection and classification of the wool we receive from our collaborating flocks. Each type of wool possesses distinct characteristics and qualities, and it's our responsibility to create products that can showcase their virtues.

In this regard, the breeders who are part of Wooldreamers understand that quality wool is the result of the collective effort of everyoneinvolved.

That's why, within their daily tasks, they allocate a space for improving the quality and yield of their wool production.

This collaboration enables us to enhance the quality and profitability of our wool productions each year, all while weaving a more sustainable world.


Every fleece from every sheep we shear at Wooldreamers is double hand-selected. The first selection occurs right at thefarm, and the second takes place in our facilities.

This process demands significant skill to inspect wool quality and assess its potential use.


Wool possesses natural virtues that position it as a fiber of the future. Among its exceptional qualities, we highlight its ability as a thermal regulator that shields us from cold and heat, acts as a barrier against ultraviolet rays, is fire-resistant, offers excellent insulation, is antibacterial, and much more.

And to top it all off... it's entirely biodegradable!