Natural White Manchelopi – 100g – Limited edition

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Manchelopi is an unspun yarn that is made 100% with Entrefina and Manchega wool from La Mancha. Its white natural color and its twist-free yarn make this “cheese” a rare and high-quality material with which you will be able to create unique and inimitable clothing.

As for the thickness, due to its double yarn, it will depend on our control of the needles. If we want to knit it in two strands to make it easier for us, we would be facing a thickness of 240m / 100g (DK); on the other hand, if you are one of the highly skilled ones and you dare with a single yarn, you will have double the meters: 480m / 100g (Fingering).

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This is our soft cheese. Creamy and fluffy like good Manchego cheese. It’s been treated with great care to maintain its delicious appearance.

Made with double yarn, without any twist, it is really soft to the touch and requires some knowledge to knit it carefully. You are going to love its natural white color, making impossible stop touching it. Anyone would feel like sleeping while cuddling it.

This manchelopi has been made with entrefinas and manchegas sheep fibers. All of them raised in a large flocks that graze in the fields of Castilla La Mancha ( Valle de Alcudia, Ciudad Real and Serranía Alta, Cuenca)

You will be able to make a completely ecological garment as its origin is 100% natural and the absence of aggressive treatments used during its washing.

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Weight 0,100 kg

Natural Color – White, Natural Color – White


1 Sliver – 480 meters, 1 Sliver – 480 meters, 2 Slivers – 240 meters, 2 Slivers – 240 meters


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